Thursday, July 3, 2008

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No more wireframse, sitemaps, or HTML mockups.

Star Websites Right

Use Jumpchart to plan your website information architecture.

A Jumpchart is an online interactive sitemap

If you build websites for a living, you know that content organization and approval can be an overwhelming process. We've all tried flowcharts, and wireframes, html mocks... even paper. All of these suffer from crucial flaws... They're not interactive, and they carry no momentum into the build phase.

Super simple website project planning

How much easier would it be to start your next project with:

  • 100% approved content, and site navigation
  • Clean, valid CSS that's easy to customize
  • Pre-populated pages full of already approved content
  • All the site pages correctly titled, tagged, and inter-linked

Add Page, Add Sub-Page, Add Content

Jumpchart makes it super simple for you to find a home for all of your website content in the structure of a website.

Revise and Collaborate

Jumpchart helps you illustrate your ideas to your client. You can use it to gather feedback, and make the inevitable revisions quickly.


A Jumpchart grows with your project. Unlike paper, PDF's, or jpg's a Jumpchart can be exported. Imagine starting your design/build phase with valid CSS and XHTML.

No More Wireframes!

Quit fussing with paper flowcharts, sitemaps, and wireframes. Jumpchart replaces all of the normal tedious planning methods with one simple online tool.

No More Lost Content

Faxes, emails, discs, and documents. It can be a mess to try and figure out what goes where in a website. Find a single home for everything in Jumpchart.

Bring People to the Table

Website planning requires collaboration. Bring your copywriters, clients, designers, and architects together around a collaborative workspace.

Make it Simple

You don't have to know HTML to build a Jumpchart. Just use simple Textile formatting as a shorthand. Anybody can pick up the basics in minutes...

Change Your Mind

Jumpchart is built for easy changes. Make a page into a sub-page, rename top-level navigation; it's just one click. Never be punished again when clients change their mind.

Clarify Client Approval

Never start building a website before content is approved again. A Jumpchart allows even the most unimaginative client to visualize the layout of a site. It's interactive like a website, not flat like paper.

Hit the Ground Running

When all the content is in place, and the client is happy, just press "export." No more copy-and-paste. No more re-typing text. It's all right there, in interlinked xhtml, and ready to be customized CSS. Depending on the design, you could be seconds away from finished.

Show and Tell...

Unlike paper mock-ups, and tree shaped diagrams, with a Jumpchart preview, -clients just get it. It's not an abstract concept, it works just like the website will. Before you push your first pixel, they can click through and navigate the whole website.

Just Say Yes...

Clients change their minds. It's a simple fact, and there is no denying it. Stop fighting the fact, and start embracing it. Jumpchart makes it easy to move entire sections of the website with a single click. Rename, reorder, and remove navigation buttons with a single click.

Cut the Middle Man

How many emails come through your inbox, only to be forwarded to another party. Copywriters, photographers, programmers, designers, and clients. they all have an opinion on what should go where. Bring everyone together in single place by inviting them to a Jumpchart. Sit back and watch the site unfold before your eyes...

The Finish Line

With Jumpchart, -you're almost there. You're a click away from clean validated XHTML, and CSS. Start doing the part you love best, without the mess.

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