Thursday, November 27, 2008

Current Dough Procedures

The zoo or hatchery.

This is where we grow our perpetual yeast supply. Basically maintained at two cups of water and two cups of flour. When it is all mixed together and there are no CO2 bubbles it's a little over three cups. It will grow on the counter, it will grow in the fridge. I usually leave it on the counter for a few hours at one point so it has a chance to get a nice couple reproduction cycles in.

Two current methods with the zoo.

1. Cut it in half. Feed one half with one cup of flour and one cup of water, stir it good and let it reproduce. Use the other half to start your sponge, remember it counts as one cup of water, one cup of flour, and your yeast for two or three loaves of bread.

2. Take the entire zoo, and make your sponge, flour and water only, counting the zoo as one cup of water and one cup of flour. When sponge is done, knock it down and take out a cup and a half to start a new zoo. Then feed the zoo with one cup of water and one cup of flour, stir it good and let reproduce.

Make sponge:
Keep sponge unenriched, bread flour and water only.
Sponge is usually most all the liquid and half the flour.
Doubles in size.

Make dough:
Add salt, oil, enrich at this point(sugars, etc.)
Knead? Wetter is better.
Doubles in size.

Shape and bake:
Doubles in size.
Wetter needs more oven time

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